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Tyre Replacement in Didsbury

Your tyres in Didsbury are one of the main elements that ensure the balance and stability of your vehicle and so it is vital that they are kept in good working order to ensure optimum handling and control.

So how long does the average tyre last? You may or may not be surprised to learn that on average a tyre should be able to last for up to 25,000 miles. On average a household will cover a distance of 7,900 miles in their car each year which means that tyre replacement in Didsbury would be needed every 3 ½ years. As good practice, even if you don’t drive that many miles per year, most tyre manufacturers recommend that you replace all the car tyres on your vehicle ever 10 years.

How do you know when your tyres in Didsbury need replacing? General wear and tear can be a factor as well as the tread being worn down to below the legally required minimum mm depth. Why is the correct tread on the tyre so important? Because without tread the tyre is less able to provide the car with grip on a wet road. This could make it very difficult for a driver to stop, turn or accelerate easily and safely. As a result, tyre replacement in Didsbury is essential to ensure your ongoing safety in the car.

Ideally all four tyres should be replaced at the same time, however this is not always realistic if the problem is only with one tyre. That said, most garages in Didsbury would agree that if you need to replace one tyre it is preferable to replace two tyres on the same axle in order to ensure that the correct balance is maintained. This would improve the safety and control of the car.

It’s also important that your vehicle is fitted with the correct size and type of tyre, this is actually part of UK law. The quality of the tyre and the way it is built can vary between manufacturers so ask your tyre garage in Didsbury to use replacement tyres that are made by the same manufacturer to ensure even wear. As a knowledgeable and experienced tyre garage in Didsbury we are fully conversant with the various manufacturers recommended tyre pressures, so we know what tyre pressures your replacement tyres should be inflated to.

You may ask, how do I know when a tyre is worn to the legal limit of 1.6mm depth? Every tyre has tread wear indicator bars. At various intervals around the tyre these are moulded into the tread grooves. These provide an indication of when a tyre is worn to its safe limit. Once beyond this, tyre replacement in Didsbury is required.

There are other reasons why a tyre can become damaged. For example, impact damage, incorrect pressure or bulges can mean that the tyres in Didsbury need to be removed and replaced and it’s important to be alert to these and act promptly. In order to ensure that your tyres last for as long as possible and before you need to consider getting new tyres in Didsbury, maintaining the inflation pressure is important. When a tyre is inflated correctly it should wear evenly across the tread. Whether your tyre is under-inflated or over-inflated, the tyre can damage the tread in different ways, for example an under-inflated tyre will cause more wear to the outer area of the tyre while an over-inflated tyre will cause wear to the centre of the tread.

Tyre garages in Didsbury would say it is good practice to check your tyres every so often.

This should include checking that the tyre pressure is correct. As part of this process. look at the tread wear and the general condition. To find out what the recommended inflation pressures are check your owner’s manual. As a garage in Didsbury. Bridge Motor Company offer a free tyre check, no appointment needed.

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