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How do I know when I should replace my car tyres?

This is all dependent on the depth of the tyre tread. In the UK the legal minimum depth for cars is 16mm which is taken across the three central grooves around the entire circumference. However, it is always recommended that for safety reasons, tyres are replaced before they get to 16mm of tread. Why is it so important? If you were driving in wet conditions and your tyres were 16 mm of tread it take an extra car length to stop at 50 mph because there is less grip. Tyres worn beyond 16mm tread depth could result in 3 penalty points on your driving licence and a £2,500 fine.

The Bridge Motor Company can help you check your tread depth. We can also work out your tyre pressures and if necessary, we can supply and fit a new set of tyres to perfectly suit your vehicle.

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